Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Thrills, Corn Dogs, and Kangaroos

The Georgia National Fair's slogan of "What a ride!" rung true for Clay and I's first visit yesterday. The key word in that slogan is the article, but we will get to that later. Approaching the Perry exit, we were like two little kids yelling, "ooo.... look at that ride! No, look at that one. What do we do first?" As we were contemplating rides and orders of fried heart attacks, I noticed the lovely organization of the parking directors. I am bringing this to your attention because the Mid-South Fair lacks this feature all together. First impressions were made and they were good. 
As some of you know, I have the worlds smallest bladder and pee all the time! If you didn't know that, I'm glad our relationship just got a little closer. Anyways, we got out of the car, saw the lines to get in and I couldn't resist taking a trip to the oh-so-lovely port-a-potties lined up along the fence for people such as myself. A kind lady was walking away and notified me that the third one was clean and decent. So, I thanked her and headed to the third door, as she directed. I approach the door, and  I hear "not that one," in a confused voice. Which, therefore confused me, so I did the whole "running into someone and you both try to get around the other at the same time" dance. I turned and she was pointing to the next one, so I said "Oh, ok the fourth one." Meanwhile, my sweet husband made sure he was keeping a good eye on me...

Thanks, honey!

Once we made it through the entrance, we were ready for a blow out! With wristbands in tact and a soon to be known, useless map, we headed where any foodie would venture to first, the FOOD!! Once again, I was so excited about eating, I forgot to take a pic of our first endeavor... three kinds of fried cheese!! There are no words to describe, so Clay will, humbly of course, move us to our next treat....
Enormous Corn Dog and Fried Veggies! YUM!!

For those of us who are health conscious... does this count?
 I don't know. 
For the sake of our sanity, let's say yes!

This one is for you, Dad.
Across from our fried fiesta was the Aussie Kingdom! Clay was ecstatic. Oh, how I love it when he gets excited about cute fuzzy creatures like I do. He makes me happy.
This little guy partied too hard the night before.

And these were his wing Roos.
When we reached the adults, the conversation went something like this:
Clay: "I want one of these in our backyard."
Me: "What would you do with one of these in our backyard?"
A very serious Clay: "Watch it do that." Pointing at a Roo showing off his jumping skills. 
I smiled and adored his cuteness.
With our bellies full of fried goodness and lemonade, it was time for some tear-jerking rides! Our first thrill was "Speed." Was it true to the name? Well, not exactly, but the height made it awesome! The ride is 10 tickets and not wristband worthy. So, know that if you want to ride the best, you will pay $10/person. I almost hesitated for this to be our first, not because I was nervous, but because I knew how this ride could not be equaled by any other. But, the short line won us over and "Speed" did not disappoint us. Allow me to introduce you...

Thrill? YES, please. 
We like dangling 224 "feet" in the air.


Hence... What "A" ride!
To make a long story short, I'm gonna cut it to the chase.... the lines were SO long that wrist bands were a waste of $30 and we rode only two more rides to try and get some usage out of them. 

...and the little pig screamed "Weeeeeeee" all the way home...

 Oh, how raging winds and screaming kids ease my mind. 

Our friend here was a total shocker.... obviously.

Back to reality... Do you ever have those moments of wishful thinking and sometimes it comes true? Well, after realizing our wristbands were not beneficial for us, I had a quick thought of, "It would be worth it if we were able to give these to someone when we left. To be able to bless someone with a free fair experience would settle my dilemma of feeling cheated." It was just a thought....
After we walked around some more, Clay and I decided it would be fun to be gullible dorks and see the "Freak Show." Why not? 
Some of our extravagant site seeing included "mummified" mermaids, jarred multi-appendaged creatures, a five legged terrier, properly named "Cinco," a double snotty nosed two faced cow, and three workers who shared two-teeth. One even had human whiskers.... CREEPY!
Would you give him two names or one?
(Not the double snotty nosed two faced cow... 
sorry, my pic didn't turn out well.) 

Umm, flight risk? 
Maybe they thought he would feel more at home in a cage.
Deciding we should call it a night, we made one more valuable pit stop.... CANDY APPLES! I never knew how creative one could get with apples! Making these cute concoctions at home is now on the to-do list. We bought our white chocolate and peanut covered apple to go and made our way out. Then, something amazing happened...
I'll be darn if two young girls did not approach us and sweetly ask if they could have our wristbands! What a perfect ending to our night! They were excited, we were excited and both parties were thankful. Taking them off for future endeavors is top secret. Sorry kidos, the beans are staying in the jar here.
While recapping our festivities, Clayton and I have decided to A) wait a couple more years to revisit a fair B) venture solely for the food and C) if we see a ride that entices our thrill-o-meters, we will buy tickets separately. Good lessons? Yes. Make us old? Maybe. Do we care? No. 

The best part was spending the day with an awesome individual whom I am blessed to call my husband...

Hope everyone is having a great week!

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