Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween Festivities

Hello all! Can you believe it is November already? I am amazed when I reminisce about what life can bring you through in a years time.  Heads up for a blog in the next few weeks looking back on an amazing year in our life. My hope is to even get Clay to write a thing or two from his own unique perspective. :)
For right now, let's focus on Saturday's events. We began our morning with a Trek or Treat 5k supporting the Jay's HOPE foundation 4 children with cancer...
"Against all hope, in hope we believe." -Romans 4:18. 
The race went well and the course was rather enjoyable. Clay and I decided to do a "leisure" run with one another and not focus on our timing. For me, this was a nice switch from the time-centered running I typically do. Running alongside one another speaking words of encouragement and enjoying each others company was a fun way to exercise selflessness. On the home stretch we sprinted to the finish line together and it was great! The feeling you have after running a 5k (or any other long distance run) is, in my opinion, an amazing high. It's my favorite part!


After filling our bellies with some grub, I had to do what I have been putting off all week. Actually, Clay had to do it for me to avoid me having a panic attack....

It's now official.... I am all Georgia "Jones" and nothing Tennessee "Witherspoon." My license plate was the last thing linked to my home state. Becoming an adult with your own identity and family is a crazy realization sometimes. But, what a reminder in that our identity is found in the unchanging Christ and not in the ever-constant changing things of this world! 
After running a few afternoon errands, we made a quick trip to the Children's Ministry closet at FPC to make a last minute costume attempt....
This is what we found:
Helen of Troy meets "Super Cooper" the Hunting Dog

This is what we did:

This is where we did it:

This is why it was great:

My favorite story from the evening was when "Super Cooper" approached a child sitting in the back seat of a double stroller. Various children throughout the evening had their own take on Cooper. Some were mesmerized and others, well, traumatized. One adorable little chunker in particular was dressed in a sweet alligator outfit, sitting comfortably and patiently in his seat while his sibling grabbed some candy, then all of a sudden he sets eyes on this enormous hunting dog.... within an instant, the alligator was turned over, screaming and crawling out the BACK of the stroller into his mothers arms. I have never seen a child move so fast and he was maybe 2 years old. It was hilarious! The mom even cracked up.

Thank you Macon for showing me a whole new way of life where others serve one another with love and good times!
Wishing you all a wonderful week and Happy Fall!


  1. Okay, the picture where Super Cooper has the dog (or child?) in his mouth is SO SO funny. I love this. Yall's pictures are SO cute!

  2. I love the picture!
    Sounds like you guys are having a good time!
    Lots of love,
    Aunt Nina

  3. Yes, its a sweet Basset Hound giving him lots of ooo-e-goo-e kisses!!