Monday, April 25, 2011

DIY Food Display Stand

Once again, I'm not too sure where I originally saw this idea (blogger addiction confessed)... but when I saw it, I knew immediately I had to make my own!

I fell in love with these plates at Target this week and decided to give'em a shot. The best part about buying these types of plates is that they are food safe. If you use the awesome tin plates (located in the wedding section) at Dollar Tree, they are NOT food safe. Especially, if you get creative and spray paint them with fantastic acrylics and use a sealant. But, they are great otherwise. 

FIY: Please forgive the craziness of these pictures. You will see, well... pictures within pictures, randomness, dust, and maybe a little bit of me in the mirror. Hence, the one below... Hello, legs. Who says you need a craft table to be crafty? Just grab your closest flat surface, dust or no dust, and create!

What you WILL get at Dollar Tree: 
Candle Holders (# depends on how many tiers you want)
Fix-All Adhesive

Your actual plates can come from anywhere... even your home. Have any cute summer or vintage plates you have left from an old set tucked away? Bring'em out and get creative! These are wonderful gifts and highly personalize-able. <-- No, I did not make that up. 

When using the glue, you apply to both surfaces, wait 10 minutes and then stick together. Then, it is suppose to rest for at least 24 hrs before handling. Ok, so a little patience is also required... but it's worth it.

You can create single tiers, such as these...

Or stack them babies up! 

Keep your eye out for other candle holders... I found this one, below, for $2.99 at Cato. Yes, Cato. I had no idea. 

Oh, and the beautiful lady to the left of the holder, you can thank her for the Strawberry cake recipe/cupcake inspiration. She will be quite flattered. 

The 2-tier is actually one of her birthday gifts and the one below is going to reside in the Jones Home. Don't worry... she won't see this in time to ruin the surprise. 

Store bought 2-Tier Display at Target: $16.99
DIY: $9.00

Creative DIY savings. Nothing compares.

No. Nothing.

Have Fun,

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  1. I keep coming back to look at how cute this little project is OVER and OVER! I love it!
    PS- Thanks for the button shout out!
    Love you.