Thursday, May 12, 2011

Poor Mac

Dear Friends,

Mac is sick today. He had an unexpected friend visit him last night named MacProtector. As soon as she showed up, I knew trouble entered the room. At first she seemed sweet and innocent, but then in an instant, her claws came out and shaddiness overtook her beauty.  Yeah... one of those. I became quite confused because Macs are not suppose to have friends like her. They are suppose to be extra strong and immune to the likes of sweet-talking wanna-bes, but it was too late. She seduced Mac so fast, he didn't know what hit him. Now, Mac must go to Dr. Peach.

Sally, tell'em how I feel...

Yes, Mac.... it was never suppose to be this way. Don't worry, Dr. Peach will hopefully have you feeling better this afternoon. You too, will be able to hit your own Weezer and smile again.

Mamma is here,


Mac is BETTER!! I called Dr. Peach and asked if I needed to bring the computer in or just follow the directions for removal on a website I found. He said it was a pretty easy removal and talked me through it, which linked up perfectly with the directions I found online. If you ever get bombarded with MacProtector, DO NOT use your credit card and remove it asap. Follow these directions and your Mac will feel better too.

Reading the comments, this is a pretty common pest right now. Don't lose sleep, like I did. Easy fix! :) Make sure you disable Automatic File opening in Safari to prevent things like this from happening again.

Best comment: "I wish 8 stomach viruses on whoever created that crap." I agree.

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